Easy Rates

Easy Rates - Power, Flexibilty, & Ease

Our Easy Rates service provides an easy way to post rates or provide information about your interest rates to borrowers surfing your site. Rates and fees are managed from a user-friendly back office. The back office provides the ability to update rates and fees, and manage borrowers targeting rates or receiving daily or weekly rate updates. The following are features offered in the rate updating utility program:

  1. Create a rate table with the most popular loan programs.
  2. Create multiple closing cost scenarios to assign to the appropriate loan program and rate.
  3. Easily update rates, fees, disclaimers, and layout preferences from a friendly admin utility.
  4. Add/Delete/Manage borrowers signed up for “Rate Tracker.” This gives borrowers the ability to select the rate they are looking for. Once the borrower's targeted rate and program appear in the rate sheet both the borrower and admin will be sent email notifications.
  5. Add/Delete/Manage borrowers signed up for “Rate Alert” This provides a way to sign up borrowers to receive a daily or weekly update on current rates. The rates will pull directly from the rate sheet created for your site.
  6. Select programs to appear in “Quick Quote” This is a banner located on the sites home page. The banner can also be given to other industry partners to showcase on their site.

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