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Your Etrafficers may have up to 4 different types of user accounts.  They type of account that you use to login will determine how much of the site that you can edit/control.

Super Admin (User)

This is the top-level account.  With a super-admin account, you will be able to manage every aspect of your website including all other user accounts.

There can only be one Super Admin account per website.  This account is created when you purchase a website through Etrafficers.  For customers with a Basic or Classic website package, this is likely the only account type that you have.

To login with your Super Admin account, go to https://portal.etrafficers.com/user/main/login/index.php and select “Super Admin (User)” from the “Type” Dropdown.  Then enter your username and password and hit submit.

Admin (Approved Contact)

An admin account is created by the Super Admin and can be configured to control almost everything that the Super Admin account can control.  Admin accounts are ideal for when multiple people need to receive all the application notices, or for delegating management of the Branches and Loan Officers.

Creating an Admin (Approved Contact) Account

To Create an Admin account, The Super Admin must login and navigate to “My Account” >> “Admins (Approved Contacts)” using the top Navigation Menu

Once on the Manage Admins (Approved Contacts) page,

Click on the blue “+Add Admin” near the top of the page.

Logging in as Admin (Approved Contact)

To Log in with an admin account, go to https://portal.etrafficers.com/user/main/login/index.php, and select “Admin (Approved Contact)” from the “Type” box.  Then enter your email address and password and hit “Login”

Branch Manager

This type of account is only available in the Value and Professional series package

The branch manager account will grant the ability to manage the branch bio, branch photo, and all of the loan officers in that branch. 

Additionally, a branch manager can see applications submitted to the branch, and assign them Loan Officers inside their branch.

The branch manager will not able to access the company contact info, billing, website style & content, etc.

Login as Branch Manager

To login as a Branch Manager, go to https://portal.etrafficers.com/user/main/login/index.php, and select “Branch Manager” in the “Type” dropdown box.  Then enter your email and password and hit “Login”

Loan Officer

This type of account is only available in the Value and Professional series website packages.

A Loan Officer account will grant a loan officer the ability to manage their contact info, edit their bio, and update their photo on the website.  They can also view and download applications submitted to them.

Logging in as a Loan Officer

To login as a loan officer, go to https://portal.etrafficers.com/user/main/login/index.php, choose “Loan Officer” from the “Type” dropdown, then enter your email address and password and hit “Login”.