Real-Time Rates™

Revolutionize the way you present rates

New from Etrafficers, Inc., Real-Time Rates™ is a service designed to help mortgage originators better manage their time, websites and customer service features. What’s especially great about Real-Time Rates™ is that it gives more service and value to potential borrowers while dramatically reducing the amount of time it takes lenders to provide the service.

Real-Time Rates™ requires one simple, quick setup that will allow you to display daily updated rates on your website. At any time you can add, subtract or edit any of your preset loan types making this system one of the most robust, useable mortgage interest rate tools available.

Besides being incredibly easy to use this service provides increased value and exposure to potential borrowers. Visitors will see what their projected monthly mortgage cost including applicable fees, closing costs and lender markup. Having this up to date information on your site will likely increase customer confidence.

Benefits of Real-Time Rates™

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