Loan Officer URLs

This feature provides each Loan Office a direct URL to his or her personal website.  The URL will be  For example, if your domain name were, you could create a direct URL for your Loan Officer such as

Loan Officers enjoy this feature because it makes them feel comfortable using the site you provide for them.  This feature will allow Loan Officers to market their own site, knowing that if a borrower goes to his or her site, any applications or contact requests will come to them directly. 

In addition, should a Loan Officer ever leave your company seeking new opportunity, the URL that has been promoted by the Loan Officer will now point back to your company’s website.  This is a great way to help maintain referral business and keep customers that have worked with a loan officer through your company.

In addition, if you want to allow your loan officers to use vanity URLs like for example: we can register that name for you and redirect it to their loan officer website.