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Setup & Manage Google My Business
Having a Google My Business account helps establish your company's presence online. Creating a good GMB account is the first step to ranking in local search results on Google.
Optimize Website for Google PageSpeed Insights
Fast website loadtimes help provide a good user experience. It also helps your website rank higher. This optimization builds on Etrafficers already blazing fast platform to make your website lightning fast.
Optimize Website for Meta Keywords
Meta keywords define how your individual webpages appear in search results. This optimization will tailor your meta tags to your target audience.
Setup Google Search Console
This allows your site to be indexed with google and your sitemap to be recognized. Your site is verified through google and then tied to a respective Google Analytics account.
Setup Google Analytics
Once Google Search Console has been created for your account, Analytics is then setup and tied to it. This allows you to track the people and traffic of your site and individual pages.
Collect Customer Reviews with Review Plug
As collecting reviews can be a hassle, we've partnered up with Review Plug to make testimonials an easy and quick process. With Review Plug, all you need is your client's name and phone/email address, and they'll be given a link to leave a review directly on your Google My Business page.
SEO Tuneup* to fix SEO errors
With our SEO Tuneup, we will scour your website for errors that can affect your search ranking. Some of the most common of these errors include: Duplicate Title Tags, duplicate content issues, broken links, crawl issues, multiple m1 tags, missing alt tags etc. We'll fix these errors and ensure that your website is following SEO best practices.
Quarterly Monthly
SEO Review
With the quarterly review, you can schedule a meeting with our SEO Analysts to discuss your keywords, content on your site, and the analytics regarding your site. After reviewing where you stand, efforts to better your SEO will be made (if neccessary).
Quarterly Monthly
Monthly SEO Report
This report will include what keywords your customers have searched for to get to your site, how well ranked you are in Google (in relation to other local business), and a report of your Google Analytics for the past month.
Email Support
Our SEO analysits are always available to answer your SEO questions.
Phone Support
Within the first 30 days of purchasing, you'll have free phone support for seo managment on your site. After those 30 days have passed, you can contact your SEO Analyst through email for any support you need.
30 Days Unlimited
Optimize Website Content Keywords
With this, one of our SEO Analysts will go through your current keywords on your site and optimize them based on your local location and what products you offer. As your keywords become more relevant to your business, your traffic will increase to what you need it to be and for the appropriate area.
Regular Social Media Posts
We will connect your Blog to your Social Media Accounts. This may include a professional Facebook page, LinkedIn account, twitter feed, or other various other social media accounts. When something is posted to your Blog it will also be automatically shared to your Social Media Accounts.
Setup & Manage Bing Places for Business
Bing is the default search provider for Microsoft Windows and has billions of searches every month. Creating a Bing Place for Business will help those searches find your business.
Local Directory Citations
Further increasing your presence online, we'll list your business on local listing directories to help customers discover your business.
NAP Validation
Part of the ranking algorithm requires your business to be consistent across the web. To ensure consistency we'll verify that your business name, address, and phone numbers are all exactly the same across every directory listing.
Google Search Console Consulting
Consulting for the information stored by the google search console, such as the tags that people search for going to your site. This may include consultation on how to best focus efforts on a few of said keywords, or introduce new ones to better reflect your business practices.
Google Analytics Consulting
Consulting for Google Analytics. This consultation may go over what pages customers land on, how long they stay, and customer retention. Efforts to improve these areas will be discussed and made.

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Every Etrafficers Website Already Comes With:

  • SSL Certificate
  • Proper Canonical Domains
  • Proper URL Structure
  • Google Site Verification
  • Meta Tags
  • Open Graph Tags
  • Schema Tags
  • Robots.txt Creation
  • Sitemap Creation

*With our SEO Tuneup we will Scour and Fix any SEO Errors

With our SEO Tuneup, we will scour your website for errors that can affect your search ranking.   Some of the most common of these errors include: Duplicate Title Tags, duplicate content issues, broken links, crawl issues, multiple m1 tags, missing alt tags etc.  We'll fix these errors and ensure that your website is following SEO best practices.  

SEO Tuneup