Loan Officer Websites

Our system allows you to quickly create a website for each of your branches and loan officers. The loan officer website gives the LO the ability to take loan applications online, showcase his/her experience in the mortgage industry, post testimonials, link to partners, etc. Many companies, along with the LO page, will show the loan officer's picture on the page to give the site more of a personal touch.

Once the loan officer is set up in the site the loan officer has the ability to log in and update his/her website. Along with updating his/her website the loan officer can also blog, review loan applications, post affiliates/partners he/she has within the industry and much more.

Offering websites to each Loan Officer has several benefits.

  1. Loan Officers have a tool that will help them be more successful in their efforts to close loans.
  2. A Loan Officer will have immediate access to customer applications or forms either submitted directly through his/her site or sent to that loan officer through the company’s site.
  3. A Loan Officer can add his/her own partners and affiliates to the website.
  4. Each Loan Officer can have his/her own website address, i.e., www.yourdomain/LoanOfficerName
  5. Loan Officers can market themselves using the website and URL provided to them.
  6. The Loan Officer website will mirror the company site, providing a uniform, professional look and feel. 
  7. All Sites can be globally controlled by one administrator.
  8. Each Loan Officer can update his/her own home page, branding it and giving it a personal touch.