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Website Health Tips and Tricks

All websites are given a ranking on search engines like Google. A higher website ranking is crucial to increasing your website traffic. Increased website traffic contributes to more calls, leads, and closed loans.

The following tabs contain basic and vital information to help you improve your website ranking. 

Google My Business

As the most popular search engine, Google is where the bulk of your website traffic will come from.  

Creating and verifying your Google My Business account is an essential step in increasing website visibility for potential borrowers on Google.

To verify your business, Google will mail a code to the physical address that you provide. This address will also be displayed as your business address on Google. 

5-Star Reviews

Now that you have your GMB (Google My Business) set up, you need to gain 5-Star reviews for your business. As you gain 5-Star reviews, Google will notice that you are a credible business and increase your ranking. 

Services like ReviewPlug are helpful tools to encourage satisfied customers to leave you 5-Star reviews. 

ADA Compliance

The American Disabilities Act (ADA) sets regulations to ensure that your website is accessible for everyone. Failure to comply to regulations can hurt your website's ranking. 

We ensure that all of our websites are fully ADA compliant before they are published. 

Broken Links, Errors, & Bugs

Over time, websites can incur broken links, bugs, and other errors. Errors like this slow your website down and harm your ranking.

Using a free website checker is a great way to quickly find errors so they can be fixed.

Search Engine Optimization

More commonly known as SEO, Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of improving the quantity and quality of website traffic from search engines. 

An SEO service will aim to increase your website's ranking by do everything previously listed, as well as target a specific audience by using keywords and tags. 

SEO services vary from provider to provider. Visit our SEO page to learn more about our SEO services.